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Company Pirotecnica Manna was born in 1958, founded by Vincenzo Manna. During the first half of the year, the company produced pyrotechnic items aimed at patronal celebrations, then headed towards the Christmas holidays by producing rockets, whistles, trick-tracks, pinwheels, etc.

In 1984, the "cavalier" Vincenzo Manna decides to entrust the pyrotechnics to his eldest son Giuseppe Manna together with his other son Alberto, from whom he began the exclusive production of firecrackers which had great success throughout Italy.

In 2009 by his will Giuseppe Manna left his company in the hands of his younger brother Alberto Manna, together with his 2 sons, Vincenzo and Alberto, and his brother-in-law Mario Ferraro, forming the company "Pirotecnica Manna Srl", which currently continues to produce by launching new items, such as smoke bombs and torches, cold cones and flares, rockets, all regulated in accordance with European directives.
Pirotecnica Manna
Sede legale
Pirotecnica Manna srl
Via Beniamino Segre, 26 - 80126 Napoli
Tel +39.081.7261640
P.IVA 06491731219

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